Visual Culture workshop at Digital Pedagogy Lab

I co-led a workshop with Sean Michael Morris at Digital Pedagogy Lab in 2019. Here are some of the question we tackled:

In a time when aesthetics are key in online presentation, how does digital work done in the classroom influence student’s decisions around how they present their work? What kinds of pedagogical considerations are important in the “Instagram Age?” As students are curating their digital selves, how can teachers support students in exploring their own digital identity? Further, how can teachers work with students when it comes to doing digital work and publicizing their work?

Read my paper that inspired the workshop.

Guest taught week 8 of a Digital Studies 101 Course

See the schedule here. Thank you Jesse for letting me be a part of the class!

“Ungrading: a chapbook”

I got to share my voice in a chapbook on ungrading: “small volume that collects the voices and stories of faculty and students who are experiencing ungrading (and traditional assessment) on the ground.”