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About Stefanie

Hey, what’s up? My name is Stefanie. People usually call me Stef.

I love stories. I absolutely love stories. Everyone has a story to tell, and I’m all about sharing those stories, whether it’d be my own through blog posts, or other people’s stories through video.

You can probably find me with a coffee in hand. Usually, it’s an iced coffee, but it’s quite chilly now, so I’ve switched to warmer beverages. I love everything about coffee- drinking it, brewing it, going to a coffee shop and having it around me while I work, meeting people for coffee, having a business meeting while drinking coffee, on a chilly day, on a sunny day, the list goes on. I just love coffee.

If you would like to chat some more (I promise I don’t just talk about coffee) feel free to email me at

And, if you just want to keep up with me and my life, you can follow me on social media. My Instagram and Twitter is @bystefaniechae.

I hope you’re having an amazing morning, afternoon, evening, or night! See you around.