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I take coziness very seriously– very very seriously. Mid-October to the first week of January is my favorite time of the year. There is just happiness, coziness, warm drinks and outfits, and wonderful moments during this time of year.

Keep reading to see how I stay cozy during the fall and winter and what I’m looking forward to in these coming months.


1. A huge, soft blanket

Naturally, I went to TJ Maxx for a comforter and then proceeded to leave with both a quilt and throw blanket. Since I live in an on-campus apartment, I’m stuck with a XL-twin bed, but I got both the quilt and blanket in a queen size. Not only can I use this when I get my own place with a bed that isn’t a XL-twin, it keeps me all warm and comfy because it is so incredibly huge. The elephant throw blanket is the softest thing that I have ever wrapped around me body– I highly highly highly recommend.

2. Soft, fuzzy socks

I get all my socks from Dick’s Sporting Goods. These socks are QUALITY. The top two are infused with aloe, and when you slip your foot in, it just feels like your foot just belongs in there. I like to wear the bottom two styles with leggings and Converse on bum days or under my boots. They’re a little pricey, but they are so incredibly worth it.

3. Pj shorts

The red penguin one is from American Eagle and the checkered one is from Hollister– the Hollister ones have pockets! These won’t keep you that warm because they’re shorts, but they’re cute! (And you can just cozy up under a blanket!)

4. Vanilla Bean Noel lotion from Bath & Body Works

I just… wow… wow… this stuff is amazing. This smell just embodies coziness during the winter time– Vanilla bean, warm caramel, sugar cookies, whipped cream, and snowkissed musk. This will keep your skin soft throughout the entire winter while keeping you smelling wonderful.




I love starting my day by taking it slow and taking time for myself. I wake up around 8 am and then I jump out of bed and head straight for the kitchen.

I brew a cup of coffee in my french press (I usually get the Dunkin’ Donuts original blend from Costco because ya girl drinks a lot of coffee, BUT I switched to the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Flavored Ground Coffee to get into the Holiday vibes).

Pumpkin bread/banana bread + cup of coffee = utter perfection. This morning was blessed Wendy’s home-baked bread and it just made breakfast a little sweeter!

I cozy up with my coffee and breakfast under my blanket, and watch Gossip Girl or Friends. The Thanksgiving and holiday/winter episodes are my favorite and they get me in the perfect, relaxed mood.




Do I ever get out from under my blanket? NOPE. This blanket is my life.

I really make sure to enjoy this time of year, so I take extra time to myself. I stay under my blankets, and I work on blog posts, edit videos, play my ukulele… anything that makes me happy.




I have a nice warm meal, make sure to meditate, and read a nice book! Then I snuggle under my covers and drift off to sleep.



(not in any particular order)

  • Going up to New Hampshire with my roommate for Thanksgiving. I get a traditional Thanksgiving day and then I get to go with her family to chop down a Christmas tree! In my 21 years, the most Christmas tree shopping I have done is going to Wal-Mart to get a fake tree, so I am incredibly excited for this!
  • Setting up the mini Christmas tree with my family– I love spending the time with my family and decorating the tree!
  • Seeing my boyfriend!!!!! Ahhhh I can’t wait! I can’t wait. I am counting down the days: ONE MONTH AND THREE DAYS until I get to see him! I can’t wait to snuggle under the blankets and watch Christmas movies, and just, ah… I can’t wait to spend time with him.
  • Going into the city (D.C. and/or NYC)– the lights, the snow, being dressed up all cozy in scarves, shopping, ice skating, the Christmas tree… it’s all so wonderful!
  • Wearing leggings with fun socks and cozy sweaters and scarves… my fashion is at its prime during this time of the year.


Thanks for reading and I hope your days are full of cozy wonderfulness!