My semester told through gifs (that I made)


No this isn’t another listicle (a article in form of a list) that you’d find on the Odyssey Online. These are 100% original gifs that I created to tell the story of my spring 2017 semester. I had A LOT of fun with this one.

First we need a little intro: This was made to be my final project for my DGST 101 class. We had a unit on “the art of animated Gif” and I fell in love. That being said, I learned two things while creating these gifs 1) not everything can be and should be a gif! and 2) it’s hard to make a gif out of a 2 sec. long video. But also from this unit and this project, I would like to create more artsy gifs in the future and have that be an artistic skill that I develop.

So going into it, I’m going to put the gif (you have to click on the picture in order for it to “be a gif”) then write a little something after it about how it relates or represents my semester and maybe a little note of the creative process.


Welcome to Mary Washington!! 


This semester was full of train rides

and spontaneous adventures. 

My roommate and I saw this video on Facebook about a cookie dough shop in New York City… We go to school in Virginia… We traveled a total of 10 hours in ONE DAY to get cookie dough from NYC because why not! 

Not only that, my roommate, our roommate from last year, and I SUCCESSFULLY booked a hotel and a flight and went to Universal Studios in Florida for Spring Break. It was a MAGICAL time (hah see what I did there? Harry Potter world.. yea.).


Donuts, cookies, ice cream… deep fried ice cream… This semester was FULL of “treat yo self moments.”

This semester was also full of love,


(please just look at the reactions my friends had to this gif- it’ll be at the end of the post)

and a heck ton of rowing (or in my case, yelling).


I also got my feet dirty this semester. 

Both literally and figuratively. I tried new things and took on a lot but I now know what I want to do. But in the end, it was all worth it because there were days where I just got to chill by the river in a hammock. 

Whether it’d be because of rowing or just chilling, I spent a lot of time around rivers. 

This semester was full of moments where I wanted to throw all my work out a window and call it a day (these moments usually resulted with naps) but these past couple months had many amazing moments that make me go, “oh.. only in college” (mainly the one where we traveled 10 hours for COOKIE DOUGH- yes it was worth it). 

I also appreciate all the great opportunities and skills I took away from these past couple months. I’ve found the major that suits me perfectly, I’m professionally working with social media… I’m on the right path and I love what I’m doing. 

All in all, this was DEFINITELY a semester to remember.

But OHMYGOSH IT’S OVER, IT’S FINALLY OVER (after one more final). 


hahha I actually forgot that this was for a final project. I had a lot of fun with this one. I truly did. One of the things I really appreciated about this class was that we got to create content that we were GENUINELY interested in. We got to explore topics that we liked and that has been a rare feature within classes.

This is already really long so I’m going to close it off. Thanks for reading about my semester! And thank you to my professor for allowing and encouraging me to tap into my creative side.


Reactions to the gif I made of my friend from my friend:


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