Do you ever feel like your day is so incredibly pointless and that everything you do is for everybody else but you? I definitely have had my fair share of those days.

However, I have realized when I take the time to care for myself, my day is always a little better. I am a little happier and I have a more positive outlook. These are some of my tricks to make my day feel purposeful and bright, and I hope these tricks will help you out too.


The idea of waking up early may sound awful… trust me, I’ve been there. I used to sleep until the latest possible minute, and then I would be rushing to get ready and eat breakfast before leaving for class. I hated it. I didn’t want to feel rushed in the morning.

Now, I naturally wake up at 8:00 am every day. I wake up, send a quick “good morning” text to my boyfriend (I don’t check my social media), make my bed, and I step into the shower. The key strategy is to get right out of bed.

I appreciate the time in the morning when I can use my french press to brew my coffee and make a nice breakfast (usually half a bagel and eggs). I take my freshly brewed coffee and breakfast, sit myself down, and I put on a humorous and light show like Friends. It’s an easy, calm, and relaxing start to the day.

(this took many days to get down. Actually, it took about three months to perfect this one. So, don’t feel discouraged)


Sometimes I just find myself overwhelmed with everything and it’s just go, go, go. But when I take a few minutes to separate myself from everything and collect myself, I’m a little more in tune and calm.

On an ideal day, I meditate for 5 minutes in the morning before I leave for class (tied in with the first point) and 10 minutes before I go to sleep (ties in with the third point). If you’re not into meditating, take 5 minutes to disconnect from social media and your responsibilities. Just clear your mind and find your breath.


Go to bed feeling relaxed. I set my alarm for an hour before I want to be asleep. During that hour, I take the time to take my makeup off and do something to relax~ I either read a book, talk to my boyfriend, journal, or watch YouTube. Take an hour to do something that makes you happy at the end of the day. It’ll be a good way to end the day.


So in Virginia, it sucks sometimes to sit outside- The weather is either too cold or so hot and humid it’s hard to breathe. Occasionally, there will be a day where the breeze is just write and you just say over and over again, “what a nice day out.” On those days, sit outside- people watch, read a book, do your homework, or just sit and take it all in breath by breath. Appreciate the days that you have the opportunity to not be crammed in your room. Take an advantage of those days. Take a few minutes to clear your mind and recognize how wonderful the present moment is.


I am going to admit that I have the attention span of a goldfish… maybe a nut… but I love watching vlogs. So what do I do? I take out my journal and I write while catching up on a week’s worth of vlogs. It’s a nice combination where I can get my thoughts out while watching the lives of other people.


Get a hobby that is not watching Netflix (I’m still working on this one). Do something that isn’t as mind-numbing as staring at a screen and watching a show that you’ve watched 20 times before. I made a “What I Want to Learn About” list that I can reference. Do something that puts you one step closer to accomplishing a goal. What I’ve started doing is messing around with chords on my ukulele while watching One Tree Hill. Explore more of what you enjoy. It’ll help you grow.


Remember, you’re wonderful. Take some time for yourself.

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