After a long semester, winter break could not have come soon enough. The thought of finally being together with my lovely boyfriend, Joe, and traveling down to Florida got me through the last stretch of the semester.

It was very weird being in Florida for an extended period of time and doing every day tasks because any other time I was in Florida, it had been for Disney World or Universal. Nevertheless, I had an unbelievably wonderful time with Joe! The last time I visited him, I compiled a list of go-to places in Gainesville so I thought I would do the same with St. Augustine.





* Joe and I didn’t get to go to the Alligator Farm or the Aquarium because it was too cold for the animals to be out and about. However, I hear these two are must-go-see’s!




I’m just going to refer you to my “WEEKEND ADVENTURE: GAINESVILLE, FL” post because my recommendations from that post still stands.



These seven days were by far, one of the best days I have had. After not seeing Joe for months, I am super grateful to have spent time with him. Not only did we go on fun adventures, we got to chill and watch The Office, Black Mirror, and romantic comedies together, wake up and brew coffee and make breakfast, bake muffins and brownies, jam out to (ridiculously dance to) music in the car… the little things along with the adventures really made this one of the best vacations ever.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that my recommendations will come in handy one day!

January 7, 2018