This past weekend, I took Friday and Monday off to drive from Fredericksburg, VA to Gainesville, FL. I spent two whole days with my lovely lovely boyfriend, Joe. It was a wonderful weekend~ It was amazing to get out of my campus and go on a little adventure.

I go to a small liberal arts school that no body knows about so it was quite shocking to be at a big school like the University of Florida. Everywhere we went, I saw children, young adults, adults, and elderly sporting UF gear. And, can we talk about how UF is getting an on-campus Target?! That’s crazy!!

I didn’t vlog that much of it, so I thought I would write up a little post as to what I took with me to Florida and what I did.



I packed lightly since I was driving down, only had a backpack, and I was only going to be there for a total of 2 full days.

In my backpack:

What I bought to bring back:



I was only in Gainesville for a total of two days, so this list is pretty short. I plan on flying down to Florida over Winter Break, so expect another travel post with more go-to places and travel essentials!

October 10, 2017