This past weekend, I took Friday and Monday off to drive from Fredericksburg, VA to Gainesville, FL. I spent two whole days with my lovely lovely boyfriend, Joe. It was a wonderful weekend~ It was amazing to get out of my campus and go on a little adventure.

I go to a small liberal arts school that no body knows about so it was quite shocking to be at a big school like the University of Florida. Everywhere we went, I saw children, young adults, adults, and elderly sporting UF gear. And, can we talk about how UF is getting an on-campus Target?! That’s crazy!!

I didn’t vlog that much of it, so I thought I would write up a little post as to what I took with me to Florida and what I did.



I packed lightly since I was driving down, only had a backpack, and I was only going to be there for a total of 2 full days.

In my backpack:

  • Romper: Perfect for date night
  • Shorts: Because, shorts.
  • Black crew neck t-shirt: This was a mistake. It was hot the entire time. Take a white t-shirt.
  • Cardigan and Flannel: I didn’t wear either one because it was super humid while I was there
  • Nike Free Runs: Wore them to the tailgate and football game
  • Crew neck sweatshirt: You never know when you’ll be chilly.
  • Basic getting ready stuff: Makeup, hair products…
  • Nook: I brought it so I could read in the car, but I get carsick super easy so that was a bust.
  • 36 oz. Hydroflask: This is perfect for keeping my water cold on a hot day and it holds a heck of a lot of water.
  • Ginger Candy Chews: I was prepared to remedy motion sickness, so I had ginger candy that I ate about every 30 min.

What I bought to bring back:

  • Two University of Florida short sleeve: I bought one at Target because I didn’t have any Florida gear for the tailgate/game and then Joe and I went to the bookstore and I got more apparel.
  • University of Florida long sleeve: I can’t wait to wear this with leggings, boots, and a vest.


  • Blaze Pizza: It’s like a Chipotle for Pizza. They have a “Build Your Own” option and you can put as many toppings as you want. TIP: Pesto and Tomato Sauce combo = perfection.
  • La Tienda: OHMY. The wait time was a little long… but it is so incredibly worth it. Start with chips with salsa and queso (and guac if you want)- the queso is savory at its finest. The food is just amazing. I got a chicken quesadilla with mexican rice and Joe got tacos. The quesadilla is just gooey, melty, and so so savory. The tacos come with little limes and combined with cilantro, the limes just brings out the taste.
  • A University of Florida Football Game: I had the chance to go to a game because Joe’s friend had extra tickets. I go to a small liberal arts school, so it was mind-blowing to see all these people gathered and the tailgate was nothing like I had attended before.


I was only in Gainesville for a total of two days, so this list is pretty short. I plan on flying down to Florida over Winter Break, so expect another travel post with more go-to places and travel essentials!

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