Hands down, this has been a solid year. “Year” should be taken likely because that time frame changes… I could be talking about spring semester of junior year or the past couple months… but that’s besides the point.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list of everything that makes me happy. However, these are a few things that I have come to appreciate as I made my way to be a senior in college.

Freedom to Travel

In the past two semesters, I have traveled more than I ever thought I could have. Some of these travels were spontaneous, some were planned very thoroughly. Regardless, on many accounts, I have learned to take a step back, appreciate what is happening, and think, “wow… I’m really doing this.”

Sometimes, we all need a break from life-responsibilities, adulting, studenting… whatever. We all need a break. I go to a small school– there are days where I feel super confined by the brick buildings. I feel trapped and restricted, and therefore, unmotivated. Those times are when I crave adventure. I love stepping away from campus, realizing that there is an outside world, and unnumbing myself.

It has just been an incredible year full of spontaneous travel-

One random night, my friends and I thought about going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for spring break. Then we thought about it some more. Eventually, we said, “hey, let’s just do it.” So we went to Harry Potter World! I’m still very impressed that we managed to book our flight, hotel, park tickets, not starve, and make it back to Virginia… (Read about my trip here).



On another day, my roommate found a promotional video on Facebook of a cookie dough shop in New York City and said, “we should go to this.” Then with no shits given, we picked a day, and drove a total of 10 hours in ONE day to drive from Virginia to NYC AND BACK. What a great impulsive decision. I remember not even telling my mother, and she found out because I had posted a picture on Facebook and she commented, “I’m glad that you did something crazy.” And in that moment, I was just like, huh… yea, that was something crazy and I’m so happy that happened.

One last story… I’m currently a senior in college… yea just keep that one in mind. Okay so, my boyfriend’s brother and his friends were driving down to Florida for whatever they were doing… so I hitched a ride to go see my boyfriend! Never before would I have predicted that I would take two days off and put my work on the back burner- especially the senior workload. But, priorities change. I was sitting in the car on the way back to Virginia and I thought to myself, wow… I just left school to go to Florida.. what… (Read about my trip here).


*I think the freedom to travel is definitely the important one on my list because before, I used to just long for adventure and travel, but now… I’m just doing it.


This is about to be the cheesiest thing you will ever read and I’m going to cringe when I read back on this post a long time from now… but here we go!

Joe and I have been dating for a little more than a year now… what a wonderful wonderful year it has been. Before, I did not know that I could ever feel this strong of emotion and belonging. I have never felt this feeling before… but I love it. I still don’t understand how I can be so open and feel at home with another human.

On a good day, it’s another thing to be happy about. If I’m having a bad day, I just remember the love and then, everything isn’t so bad.

It is truly a wonderful feeling.


Find those friends that you can study with, sit and binge watch Netflix in your underwear with, party with, brunch with… the core friendships are so meaningful. I am so incredibly lucky to have found the friends that I have. I met my core group of friends during freshman year of college- I was lucky enough to have gotten along with my roommate and suite mates. As I went through semester after semester of classes and jobs, I gained more friendships in the creative field and professional field as well.

Find those friends who encourage you to be your best self, regardless of own their own personal interests. In my friend group, we all have various interests both politically and personally… but we all push one another to do our own thing.

With a solid group of friends, I can laugh, and I have people to make studying a little more bearable and remind me that I am not alone. We adventure through life together.

Learning to do things for myself & not care what others think

Please don’t waste time caring about what other people think of what you are doing. If it is something that makes YOU happy, just keep going with it. Why compensate your happiness for another person? Why does it matter to them?

(I am still working on this personally, but I am lucky to have someone in my life who encourages me to do what makes me happy). So, I know this one is a struggle and you’re probably thinking psh but no. for real. just do what you want to do if it makes you happy. Do what makes you happy.


This is definitely one of my more personal posts, and I definitely thought about not publishing it. But, what the heck. I hope my experiences will motivate and encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the experiences and people around you.

October 15, 2017