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“So, mom’s friend met a guy on the metro”

So, mom’s friend met a guy on the metro… and then gave him a ride home. Who does that? Don’t ever do that. Don’t give strangers a ride home. Unless you’re doing an Uber thing.

She just had a wonderful day in the city with her two girl friends. They went museum hopping, grabbed a drink at a nice place, and walked back to the as it poured down rain.

See, now, her friends got off one stop before she did. So, she was sitting by herself. She saw this guy sitting a few rows away from her and wow, he looked like he was having a rough day. But, mom’s friend said that he was cute in a brooding kind of way.

But anyway, he got up from his seat and stood by the door long before the train got to its stop. He had a scowl on his face. That guy was not having a good day. The doors opened and he was gone before she even got up from her seat.

Now, here’s where it all went down.

It was a Saturday night, so there was a huge crowd of people scanning their metrocard and having the little doors swish open. But, that flow stopped when her card wouldn’t open the little doors because she didn’t have enough money on her card. Now, her anxious little self was like, Oh, no. I just ruined the flow, what am I going to do? There are people behind me. Ah.

Keeping her head down, she scooted past all the people who had backed up behind her, and headed towards the card fare machines. When she got there, she realized it was cash only and the three in front of her were the only refill machines on that side of the station.

Okay, first off, why cash only? But secondly, the same guy who was brooding on the train was equally frustrated that these machines were cash only. They chatted about that for a while, until he said, follow me. So, she did. Just follow someone out. So, she did, thinking what is there to lose? She had to get out of there somehow.

They met up on the other side, and they started talking. He talked about how his Uber driver had gotten a flat tire on his way to the city, how he was late meeting his friends for a BBQ festival or something like that, and how he ended up on a train that was delayed.

Okay so, the metro system back in the day was really screwy and it was a real hit or miss if you made it to your destination on time. There was constantly construction, and yeah, it’s great that our transportation system got better.

Back to the story. Despite his Uber incident earlier, he was going to call another Uber to get home and he asked her if she wanted to split one together. She responded, Oh, I’d love to, but I drove here, soooo nooo.

Now, she really doesn’t remember how it all unfolded, but the next thing she knows, they’re walking to her car, she’s apologizing for the mess, and he’s getting into her car.

They had an absolutely amazing time⎼they talked about what they studied in college, what they thought their greater purpose in life was, what they did that day, how people need to be nicer, and the entire time, she’s sitting there thinking there is a fucking stranger in my car. This is how I die. But, it was happening. He was already in her car, the conversation seemed to be going well, and it strangely felt right. Plus, he hadn’t killed her yet.

She drove up to his apartment complex, and was just absolutely baffled that she, well one, didn’t end up in a ditch, and two, had a great time with this random person she met on the freakin’ metro.

Months down the road, they found themselves in bed together, laughing at how they were only in bed together because they didn’t have money on their metrocards, and she was stupid enough to give a stranger a ride home. They went to the store right before closing time to grab cookie dough so they could bake cookies and watch movies. He called her about some epiphany he had. She called him about a new project idea she had. He brought her pizza while she was at work. And, they joked about how they could both be serial killers drawing out their master plan to kill the person they met on the metro.

Life is pretty fucking hilarious and works in absolutely magical ways.

Be nice to people. Be bold. Talk to people. Everyone has a story to tell. You never know who could be your next friend. You never know what role that person can play in your life.

I don’t know, there are so many ways you can act upon the message of this story, like always have enough money on your metrocard. Or, don’t. But all in all, what I’m trying to say is, life is pretty funny. I mean, what are the odds that the guy mom’s friend met on the metro wasn’t just a passing stranger, but actually became her friend? There are certain situations that will happen in life where you can’t help but to just laugh. Things happen, life happens. It’s best to just accept and see what happens. 

Oh, and don’t worry, the next time she had to ride the metro, she had to pay the fare she didn’t pay the last time.

So, that was the story of how your mom’s friend gave a stranger a ride home and didn’t end up dead in a ditch. Their friendship is still going strong, and she still has a hard time referring to him by his name and not as Metro Boy.